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The Sandplain Gerardia (Agalinis acuta) is also known as the Sandplain Agalinis or Sandplain False Foxglove. It is an annual from the Figwort family. A slender plant, it grows between 4 - 8 inches tall with few branches. The leaves are long and thin and are arranged opposite each other on the stem. Flowers are tubular and only bloom for a day. The Sandplain Gerardia is found in the sandplain grasslands of the northeastern US, where it produces delicate, bright pink or purple flowers in late summer. It likes dry, low-nutrient soil and seems to depend on natural disturbances - like fire - to flourish. The plant relies on insects like bumblebees for pollination, and its tiny, light brown, textured seeds disperse near the parent plant from oval fruits in the fall.