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Canby's Dropwort (Oxypolis canbyi) is a perennial aromatic herb from the carrot family also known as Canby's Cowbane. This species has a fragrance similar to Dill. Its slender stems grow to 31-34 inches tall, and from August to September bear compound umbels (flower stalks all springing from the same point) of small flowers. These five-parted flowers have white petals with a pale green sepal (base of flower) that is sometimes tinged with red. Canby's Dropwort is unisexual or bisexual and reproduces through numerous, fleshy rhizomes (rootstock). This plant grows in coastal plains and likes wet meadows, wet pineland savannas, ditches, and Cypress-pine ponds. The healthiest populations are found in open bays or ponds that remain wet most of the year and have little shade.