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The Tan Riffleshell (Epioblasma Florentina Walkeri) is a medium-sized freshwater mussel. It has a brown to yellow shell, and like other freshwater mussels it feeds by filtering food particles from the water, although specific food habits of this species are unknown. The reproductive cycle of the Tan Riffleshell is similar to that of other native freshwater mussels. Males release sperm into the water, then the sperm are taken in by the females through their siphons (tubular organs for intake and output of water) during feeding and respiration. The females retain the fertilized eggs in their gills until the larvae fully develop. Mussel larvae (glochidia) are released into the water and within a few days must attach to an appropriate species of fish - like the Fantail Darter - for a short time while they develop into juvenile mussels.