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Kenk's Amphipod (Stygobromus kenki) is a tiny shrimp-like freshwater crustacean. Unlike its larger relatives, the lobster and regular shrimp, its outer shell is soft. It may grow to a quarter inch in length. It is found mostly underground and because of that has no eyes and is totally lacking in color. Little is known about the species due to the inaccessibility of its habitat and the fact that it is rarely found on the surface. However, it is believed by biologists to eat bacteria and fungi found on dead and decaying leaves. The name Amphipod or Amphipoda is derived from Latin and means "different feet". This refers to this creature's many types of legs - some they use for eating and others for swimming. Kenk's Amphipod is only found in dead leaves and fine soils where underground water comes to the surface, known as spring-seep outflows.