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The Barn Owl (Tyto alba) is the only member of the family Tytonidae (one of two families of owl) found in the United States. Usually 14 inches long (35.56 cm) with a wingspan just over 3.5 ft (1.09 m), this owl is nocturnal (coming out at night) when it hunts for small rodents, especially meadow voles, mice, shrews, bats, skunks, and various birds. The Barn owl is easily distinguished from other owls by its white, heart- shaped face surrounded by a dark border. This species has a tawny beige and gray upper body with small black and white spots and a white underside with scattered dark spots. It has long, strong, feathered legs with powerful talons for hunting. Males and females are distinguished by a difference in color and weight: the female is slightly larger and heavier than the male.